Of Reading, Writing, and Mothering…


You know what they say about those best made plans…

This is most certainly one of those weeks. My days have been filled to busting with the obligations of family and my commitments to learning or creating.

I am the mother to two very active young gentlemen. Ursa Major, who is 2, and Ursa Minor, who will be 1 in a week. As you can imagine, when my life only centers around those two boys, my life is plenty busy. Add in the two EdX courses that I decided to take (because they are awesome and free and they are going to help me with my writing), the house I’m trying to buy (the process of which is decidedly less awesome), and the fact that I’m trying to actually start a writing career through writing and submitting short stories while simultaneously writing a real, publishable novel, and well, you’ve pretty much got the schedule of a crazy person.

Being a stay-at-home mother has actually made me a significantly better writer. I have a significantly heightened appreciation for time: Little pockets of quiet time have meaning, and those pockets can create paragraphs. Those paragraphs become pages and chapters! My boys also make me appreciate the power of carrying a journal with me (as I cannot keep a creative though in my head, as my head full of the logistics of keeping our lives running smoothly). They have also given me an acute sense of urgency. I’m a woman who wants to contribute to the well being of my family. We are blessed in that my husband works a job that can afford us the luxury of me staying home–but if I could write and contribute even modestly to our monthly budget, I’d be so grateful. If I want to contribute by writing, that means that I need to actually write.

No. Time. To. Be. Distracted.

It is certainly not easy, and I have had a lot of frustrating moments (even within the last 48 hours). But I am sitting here feeling accomplished. I have completed the first phase of my planning–the super preliminary skeleton of my book. I am also contemplating submitting a short story to a literary magazine later this month, and I have begun the process of editing and polishing a short story for submission.

It has also meant that I haven’t been a very good reader, which is very unfortunate. There are a lot of books out there that I would really like to read. Indeed, I’ll be posting more about that tomorrow.

All in all, I’m feeling accomplished. We are 2 days in to Camp Nano, or what I’m calling Camp Plano, and I feel like I’m on course. Because on August 1st, I’m starting with a blank page one.

and I can’t wait.



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