They nap, I Write


I am by no means a writing expert.
I’m not even an expert on parenting.

But I’m really getting this time management/efficiency thing down! Got the boys out early to blow some bubbles and run around in the sun and what is my pay off? A big, fat 2-hour nap!

What have I done with my 2 hours (and counting)?

More world building for my novel A Terrible Thing to Waste (working title). I am really starting to learn more about my characters and the world that they are living in. Connections are being made, questions are being asked and answered, and cities are rising at my command.

I am feeling quite powerful this afternoon.

I even got a chance to check out some articles about self-publishing, world building, and a few other topics. I am building a world and expanding my own…all while my boys dream little dreams.

Looking forward to some short story editing this evening.

How are you powerfully using your time today?


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