5am–My Writing “Witching Hour”



I love the world at 5 am: Everything is new and fresh, the birds are newly chirping, the soft and tentative peeks of sun start climbing out of the eastern horizon. My boys are still sleeping, my husband is still snoring, and for a beautiful hour and a half every day, the entire apartment is mine for play.

And by play, I mean writing.

5am is my “witching hour”–the time when I can get upwards of 1000 words in if I’m really inspired and get into a groove. Right now, it’s been a great time for research and brainstorming, gearing up for character, world and plot building that I’m about to embark on. There are certainly other hours during the day when writing happens, like right now, nap time. But there is just something magical that happens in the early morning.

What I’m up to: 

Tonight is dedicated to my EdX courses–I’m taking Justice and I’m also taking Ancient Greek Heroes, which focuses on the Illiad. I’m having a lot of fun, and the Greek Heroes course has given me a lot of thought about story telling, hero building, and this idea of micro stories helping to tell macro stories. I’m going to play around with that a lot as I start plotting.

I’m also going to try to dedicate a little bit of time to the short story that I’m rewriting, Asinine Rebellion. I hope to have an excerpt up by this weekend.

Since I’ll have visitors on Saturday (non-awesome visitors. my in-laws…), Short Story Saturday might have to become Short Story Friday Night…we’ll see.


When is your writing witching hour? Is it consistent? Should it be?


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