Character Development: My novel Project of the Week


I have had a surprisingly productive writing week! I have outlined the compelling needs of all of the characters for my novel, A Terrible Thing to Waste, and I have also done a lot of exercises around finding their individual voices. I was very worried that I was going to write characters with the same voice and world view, but I was incredibly mistaken. Each of these people have different important stakes in this world, they have a lot to win and lose, and they have a lot to say about it!

There is still a lot to do–I’m not trying to create a Bible for each of them,but I am certainly working on backstory and other features that will make these characters more human and interesting. Indeed, I’m trying to make three-dimensional characters, and that is a lot of work! But I have made a lot of progress, and I am thinking that this time next week, I’ll be able to leave character development and move on to formal culture and world building. I’m feeling on track for my August 1st date to start writing. I might even to, at this rate, get to start early! We’ll see, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Today, aside from continued character building, I’m working on me and my writer’s goals. There are goals that I have as a writer, and goals that I have for engaging with my readers (established and potential), so I am doing some platform building. I look forward to doing that work as well!

And in the midst of all of the work that I’ve been doing, my Muse gave me a tidbit today that will either turn into a great short story or possibly a full fledged novel. I’m not quite sure, but it’s got a lot of potential. I’ll share details on Friday!

How is your week progressing? Stay productive out there!


4 thoughts on “Character Development: My novel Project of the Week

    • Thanks for stopping by, and congratulations on finishing your project and beginning editing!
      I can totally related tot he “human” feeling: I’m usually writing during nap time or after bed time. Either way, my days are more than full and it’s hard to get motivated and keep my eyes open when it’s time to be creative. I cannot wait until the day when my initial writing is over and the hard work of editing begins. You’re much closer to “finished” than I am! Best of luck to you!

  1. Speaking of naps, I find that the best time to write: just after I wake up. I hate writing while tired. Also, I get my best ideas in those moments just before dragging myself out of bed. The thing is, if I don’t write them down I forget them.

    When you get to the editing phase, I recommend you go to various agents’ blogs to see what they have to say about all the *** they get every day.
    Here’s a great, defunct blog by an agent’s assistant who wrote about her experience wading through the slush pile:

    She’s sort of brutal 🙂

    • Thanks for the link! I’m sure that editors do get a lot of crap. How else do you know true talent when you find it? 🙂

      I, too, write best in the morning. It’s been difficult to get into my optimal writing time because my youngest son likes to get up at 6, and if he hears me, he’ll start screaming. My best writing hour is 5am, but you can imagine how hard it is to get motivated and up during that time. Write now, my writing witching hours are between 2 and 4, but it just isn’t the same. Gotta get back to that magical golden hour…

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