This Week’s Report Card and gear up for Short Story Saturday!

I’m feeling really good about what I accomplished this week! Let’s go back to the task list, shall we?


  1. Editing a short story that I’m polishing for submission: Never A Day Quiet  Shablam! Done! And being sent to another set of eyes so that way I can start another round of editing and polishing.
  2. Finishing a short story that I started on Saturday: Laundry on the Line (working title) …….yeah….didn’t do this one… 
  3. Doing intense character development (using the Holly Lisle  Create a Character Clinic) for the protagonist of my novel, A Terrible Thing to Waste.  I hope to have him fully formed this week.      SHABLAM! Done! Hours of work, it was, but my protagonist is aliveeeeeee…he’s alliiiivveeeee! [Lightening and thunder here]
  4. Reading more about website/twitter/tumblr use by authors and building a stronger platform.   awwwww yeeeaaaahhhh feeling so good! Did I act on any of the reading yet? No. But am I working on acting? Yes!

3 out of 4 tasks accomplished!! I’m high-fivin’ a million angels!

(Isn’t 3/4 only 75%? Isn’t that, like, a C?) Shhhhhhhhh don’t harsh my buzz!

I really need to finish Laundry. I’m going to try to get to that this weekend. 

And tomorrow is Short Story Saturday!  I have an idea that came to me on Wednesday morning. Had to scramble and pull out my phone to e-mail it to myself because the idea came to me while I was dropping my eldest off at playgroup. Here is the idea as written to myself in e-mail:

“An eccentric student, in desperate need to get home, asks a local friend with a car to drive the 5 hours from Boston to NYC. At great risk to both (physically and emotionally). The country (and maybe the world) deteriorate as the journey unfolds…”

I felt really good about that…so when I got home, I broke out my inspiration notebook, rewrote the original inspiration there, and then started expanding:

“A eccentric student, desparate to get home to his father’s (bedside? Funeral?) asks a local friend with a car to drive the 5 hours from Boston to New York City, at great risk to them both.”

Here is what I know:

  • The world is about to start crumbling around them, but I don’t know why. Government collapse? Foreign take over? Natural disaster? While I like a good zombie movie, I’m not much into writing them. This won’t be paranormal. It will be something else. 
  • The student’s “local friend” is a woman, who is married and has a family. Her husband isn’t please that she’s taking the trip, and her mind is going to be on the 3 kids waiting for her at home. I’m also trying to decide if she’s pregnant with number 4.

There are more details written, but I won’t spoil everything. I’m excited to write this one. I’ll post a raw excerpt tomorrow!

How inspired have you been lately? Are you looking forward to a productive weekend?


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