It’s a good week for writing. Let’s get to it!


Hello fellow writers and potential readers! Happy Monday! I know that it’s 4pm EST, so the dreaded Monday is almost finished…but there is still so much WEEK ahead of us! Carpe to the Diem, baby!

Let’s get to it. Here’s my task list:

  1. 3 blog posts this week
  2. Finish a first draft of Escort Mission and post excerpts by Friday.
  3. Work on my second character for A Terrible Thing to Waste:. Post excerpt of first-person interview by Friday.
  4. Seek feedback for current edit-in-progress project, Never a Day Quiet. Post small excerpt (I’m polishing this for submission, so I don’t want to publish too much here).
  5. Find some inspiration for this week’s Short Story Saturday (a sequel to Escort Mission, perhaps?) Post teaser/inspiration sentence by Friday.

5 items, but that is a lot to tackle. I hope I can get it all done!

What is your task list this week? Any advice for me on how to eat this elephant?



3 thoughts on “It’s a good week for writing. Let’s get to it!

  1. My task list is on hold until I get back from a visit with family. As for your elephant, I would say “one bite at a time” but your list is too small 😦 Good luck!

    • Too small?? ^ou gotta remember that I’ve got a 1 year-old and a 2 year-old. I have to manage a household and these two babies and then fit writing into that!

  2. Hehe, no, you misunderstand. I only meant if you try eating an elephant in 5 bites they’d have be humongous bites 🙂 Much better to eat it in 100,000 bites, preferably over a two year period.

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