Yeah, so, about that weekly planner…let’s see where we are:

  1. 3 blog posts this week

This will be my second post of the week. So, that’s cool. 🙂

  1. Finish a first draft of Escort Mission and post excerpts by Friday.

Uh…..about that… totally going to get on that tonight! (Guess I won’t be watching my DVR’d Scandal…)

  1. Work on my second character for A Terrible Thing to Waste:. Post excerpt of first-person interview by Friday.

Now, this I have done. Don’t have an excerpt for you yet, but I’m on track to make this happen!

  1. Seek feedback for current edit-in-progress project, Never a Day Quiet. Post small excerpt (I’m polishing this for submission, so I don’t want to publish too much here).

I have sought feedback, though I haven’t received a lot of it. Gonna nag people this week for their notes.

  1. Find some inspiration for this week’s Short Story Saturday (a sequel to Escort Missionperhaps?) Post teaser/inspiration sentence by Friday.

Inspiration has not quite hit me. I’m hoping it will when I finish Escort Mission later…like, tonight, or maybe tomorrow…

So, basically, it looks like I’ve done an abysmal job so far. The good news? The week is young! There is time for me to get all of this done!


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