1000 words go by pretty fast….

Short Story Saturday is really Micro Fiction Saturday…and I’ll tell you, it’s a bitch. 

Going with flash fiction challenge that I linked to on Friday, it took me 1000 words just to get to my chosen sentence! Whaaaaaa??? and I’m not even close to done with the arc of the story!?!?!?! whaaaaaaa??? 

So. 1000 words were written. 

Of shit. 

and uselessness. 

Time to try again. REWRITE SUNDAY arrives soon! 

but I need to sleep for now. 

Excerpts of what I wrote that sucked and hopefully of what I’ll write that’s better tomorrow night (before Game of Thrones. Because clearly, life is gonna stop for Game of Thrones). 

Until then, good night! 


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