New Spring Green makes for an Inspiring Week!


The sun is shining, the grass and trees are green, the sky is blue, the clouds are puffy and the air is so, so sweet.

What a fine week for writing.

What’s on the table?

  1. Beyond the usual check in blog posts, write 2 additional posts: One regarding why I write and who I am writing for, the other regarding where I draw my inspiration from and how my sons work into my inspirational moments.
  2. Work on my third protagonist, who I am considering to be a 2nd tier character, Urban. Post an excerpt on this page.
  3. Receive notes and incorporate them into two short stories: Never a Day Quiet and Missed Opportunity in preparation to submit them for publication.
  4. Finish Escort Mission in a real way, seek  readers for content editing.
  5. Finish Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge (1000 words!). Basically, rewrite it. Post it here and link it on his blog.
  6. Find some sort of inspiration for Short Story Saturday. Mother’s Day edition, maybe?

Let’s see what we can achieve this week. Somehow, it’s Monday, but I feel behind already. There is much to do!

What’s on your task list this week? Want to do the flash fiction with me? I’ll link to yours if you link to mine!

Happy Monday! Happy new week! Happy opportunity to do something creative and amazing!


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