Short Story Saturday Inspiration AND Flash Fiction random numbers


So I’ve got two “new” projects this week to go alongside with the usual world/character building for the novel.

Short Story Saturday is inspired by a mom and toddler who I saw on my subway ride this evening. A sweet little toddler who was all of 1 years old, who wise tired and frustrated after a long day of day care. It would seem that his mother was seemingly just as tired and frustrated. I’m looking forward to exploring their day this week.

As for this week’s Flash Fiction challenge, I drew #14: Haunted House and #19 Weird West, thanks to the random number generator that Chuck linked to. I had to Goggle “Weird West” but now I’m all set. Looks like I got a relatively easy set of subgenres to work with. Super pumped!


Going for a better and more productive week this week. Let’s get something done!


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