Wannabe Author FAIL week


Oy yoy yoy….do I even want to look at this task list?


  1. Beyond the usual check in blog posts, write 2 additional posts: One regarding why I write and who I am writing for, the other regarding where I draw my inspiration from and how my sons work into my inspirational moments.

                       Yeah no. Didn’t happen. I barely got my usual three out this week! Moving to next week! Maybe I’ll write them at random times but SCHEDULE them to publish on Tuesday and Thursday next week. (WordPress for the win!)

  1. Work on my third protagonist, who I am considering to be a 2nd tier character, Urban. Post an excerpt on this page.

I DID do this, and I finished him, too. Excerpt isn’t ready yet, but it will be, hopefully, by the end of next week.

  1. Receive notes and incorporate them into two short stories: Never a Day Quietand Missed Opportunity in preparation to submit them for publication.

I received notes for Missed Opportunity that surprised me. One of them frustrated and discouraged me. But I’m working on what I can fix and moving on from stupidity. I joined 2 writing communities in response, and I’m hoping that I can work on becoming a better writer by getting higher quality critiques more often.

  1. Finish Escort Mission in a real way, seek  readers for content editing.

*sigh* I suck. Didn’t even open the file this week.

  1. Finish Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge (1000 words!). Basically, rewrite it. Post it here and link it on his blog.

Did it. Posted it. Feeling good about it.

  1. Find some sort of inspiration for Short Story Saturday. Mother’s Day edition, maybe?

Chuck posted another flash fiction challenge today. When I do the random selection, I’ll post what I got here.


All in all, much failure this week. I’m not proud at all. 

I think that part of it is that I bit off more than I could chew. That’s because I didn’t look at my calendar–lots of appointments and obligations this week that sucked time away from my usual designated writing times. I’m making excuses, I know, but there is truth in there. I need to determine how much I can do in a week by actually planning my week. Time management is everything.

So next week, we try again.

Have a great weekend, writing world!


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