Fresh Monday, Fresh Week, Fresh Thoughts…

I took the time this weekend to pray on my lottery ticket (obviously) and to consider the stories that I’m writing. I didn’t write a single word this weekend because we were out-the-box crazy, and unfortunately, I don’t think that the long Memorial Day weekend is going to yield me any great blocks of time, either. Wonder of wonders!

I’m looking forward to, however, making this a productive week. tomorrow, I’m going to start my third re-write of Never a Day and I will also start on the second to last character of my novel A Terrible Thing to Waste. Her name is Junia, and I hope that she speaks to me with the same clarity as Haley did last week!

Here is my schedule:

1) Three blog posts. No freaking excuses. And at least one other one. (Because clearly we aren’t ready for 5 posts a week yet)

2) Begin rewrite for Never a Day with the intent to have it completed on Thursday evening. (No promises for posting. This will go through an extensive polishing process.)

3) Create character profile for Junia.

4) Work on Friday Flash Fiction Challenge. I got a cool one for this week: “A forlorn farmer is searching for a legendary weapon.”

Isn’t that the coolest? And as suggested by my friends on The Writer’s Block forum over at Penny-Arcade, the weapon is totally going to be a scythe…

I’m going to keep my list at 4 for now just to keep it doable. I feel like I’ve been asking too much of myself for the last few weeks, and it isn’t fair to get to Friday only to write a post that makes me feel like a failure. Indie writing is about taking it one day at a time (or so it would seem) and indie writing with two active toddlers certainly must be taken one day at a time. So here I am with a short list, but that list has a lot of work on it.

What does your week look like? Anyone else doing the Flash Fiction? I’ll happily link to any stories ya’ll are writing out there!

Happy Writing Week!


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