Progress and a Little Light Reading

It’s Writer’s Wednesday. Let’s see how this little writer mama is doing this week:

1) Three blog posts. No freaking excuses. And at least one other one. (Because clearly we aren’t ready for 5 posts a week yet)

I’m on schedule for this one! Wrote an extra (and pretty good) post yesterday! (I’m about 50 pages out from finishing Animal Farm by the way. The ideas are really starting to spark for this story again.)

2) Begin rewrite for Never a Day with the intent to have it completed on Thursday evening. (No promises for posting. This will go through an extensive polishing process.)

I’m not convinced that I’m going to be done with Never a Day by tomorrow evening. I will have a good chunk done, but I don’t know if I’ll be at “the end.” Especially because I have a Flash Fiction that I really need to get with. We’ll see.

3) Create character profile for Junia.

Poor Junia has been by the wayside this week. She’s talking to me and I haven’t been listening. I’m praying that these boys are going to take the nap that I just put them down for (unfortunately, I can hear them through the nursery door just playing away) so that way I can get to her and give her some of my attention. We’ll see. But I’ll be getting with her one way or another.

4) Work on Friday Flash Fiction Challenge. I got a cool one for this week: “A forlorn farmer is searching for a legendary weapon.”

I have SUCH a great idea for this flash fiction. It came to me while I was getting my eldest out to drop-off playgroup. “Stand by Me” randomly started playing on my Pandora List (which is a problem, because that’s my Fresh Beat Band Pandora lists…Lordy…) Anyway, a scene came to my head, and I’m like, yes, this is going to be awesome.


And actually the scene that I have imagined for my little flash fiction goes well with the links I’m about to provide. I try to write about voices and people and perspectives that I never see in media. I’ve written a bit about that before on this blog, and I’m sure I’ll do it again. But I’m going to put the spotlight on a fantastic essay written by Kameron Hurley about narratives regarding female characters. Chuck Wendig wrote a response to that article which I also liked. You should absolutely take the time to read them both.

I can’t believe that it’s Wednesday already. I hope that you are having a great and productive week!


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