Accountability Friday: How did this Writer Mama do?


It’s Accountability Friday, ya’ll, and I’m feelin’ preeeeetttty good! Let’s go to the task list!


1) Three blog posts. No freaking excuses. And at least one other one. (Because clearly we aren’t ready for 5 posts a week yet)

Shablam! 3 regular posts plus my bonus post! AND I’m actually gonna get EXTRA points because I was inspired to write another post that will be up before the end of the day! Winning!

2) Begin rewrite for Never a Day with the intent to have it completed on Thursday evening. (No promises for posting. This will go through an extensive polishing process.)

SHABOOMBLAM!!! Decided not to actually re-write it, but rather rework the dialogue that is true to my original message and hopefully more palatable to some readers. I’m very happy with what I created. I have submitted it for critique.

3) Create character profile for Junia.

Less-than-shablam. 😦 I did so much writing this week, but only about 10 words of it went to my novel. 😦 This will not stand. I plan on working on Junia tonight.

4) Work on Friday Flash Fiction Challenge. I got a cool one for this week: “A forlorn farmer is searching for a legendary weapon.”

Awwwwwwwww yeeeeaaaah, baby! And I wrote something kinda cool, too. While people in the writer’s group that I belong to are all about breaking the 1000 word count, I’m not. So I think that I set up something really cool in 1000 words. Don’t think I’d expand much beyond it (paranormal is not my thing) but I like what I thought up.

This week’s challenge involves psychic stuff which is really not my cup of tea. I don’t really like it as a reader and I’m not really down with it as a writer. but I’m trying to improve my skills, so I’ll be working it out. Wish me luck!

Stay thirsty, my writer friends, even during this long weekend!



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