Accountability Friday: Everything is Commin’ Up Roses!


Two successful weeks in a row? Let’s go to the board!

1. 3 Blog posts plus a bonus. We’ll slowly build to five posts a week.

Booyah! The WordPress scheduling feature is my new best friend! Banged out that little ditty about inspiration when the boys were napping one day this week. Best thing ever. I think I will be able to pull off 5 posts next week!

2. Put up Missed Opportunity for critique and integrate critique into a true final.

Booyah! Got some really great feedback. Gonna tighten up this beauty and then repost for one more critique. Hope to submit this piece sometime next week.

3. Write a Flash Fiction for this week’s challenge, which has to do with psychics and what not. I chose Divination… I’m not going to lie, I’m not wholly excited about this challenge (paranormal doesn’t turn me on as a reader, so it isn’t singing to me as a writer.) We’re gonna challenge ourselves and make it work! (And my offer still stands. I’ll link to yours if you link to mine!)

Semi-Booyah: I have something written, but I didn’t finish it by the noon deadline. I like the story, but I don’t like-like the story…and since I have spent my day taking the boys to the pool and preparing my home for an in-law onslaught, I haven’t had time to edit and post it. I hope to do that tonight after everybody leaves.

4. Dedicate this week to Junia and Tinsley, the last two characters of my novel to work on. I’m excited to be finishing this phase of character building. Gotta try to stay on schedule so that I can start writing on August 1st. It’s so close and yet so far and there is must more to do!

Had this one on lock by Wednesday!!!


Everything is crossed off this week! What, what!!!!! Feeling so pumped going into the weekend!!!


Now, if only I could shake off these damned in-laws.

Hope that you all have a great (and in-law free!) weekend!!!


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