Optimism Monday: So Much To Do This Week!


My goodness gracious. My Mommy Blog is Freshly Pressed today, so I have been staring at my screen overwhelmed by all of the visits and comments. It is all I can do not to be paralyzed by all of the follows, the comments and the views!!

But as excited as I am, I still have a whole week of writing ahead of me. Some of it must be done TONIGHT!

Let’s go to the board:

1) We’re gonna do it this week: 5 posts on this blog! Can I do it?? Let’s see!!

2) Tighten up Missed Opportunity and repost the story to my critique forum. I’m late on this. This must be done tonight before I get to other things I need to do!

3) May was designated to characters in my novel. This month, we’re working on culture/politics/religion and other aspects of world building. This week, I’m working on culture. So excited!

4) Create a Flash Fiction for this week’s challenge. I didn’t get a chance to finish late week, but this week, I’ll have something posted by Friday. My words are mint, divorce, moon.

5) Get inspired for Short Story Saturday (something I haven’t done in a few weeks)


That’s a lot on the plate this week, but the last 2 weeks went so well, I’ve decided to challenge myself.There is nothing better than the satisfaction of striking things off in completion!

Let’s have a great week together. Happy writing!


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