Accountability Friday: Callin’ a Technicality


What a week. I’ve written something for somebody every day this week. How much of that writing accomplished my goals for the week? Let’s see


1) We’re gonna do it this week: 5 posts on this blog! Can I do it?? Let’s see!!

Ok. I know that you’re like “yo, I didn’t see that 5th post.” Yeah, you are right. I’m getting off on a technicality. I totally wrote a guest post for my friend over at the Notebook Blogairy, and it will come up sometime next week. So it’s not a post for THIS week, but a post for NEXT week. But it’s totally written, so I’m saying 5 posts!

2) Tighten up Missed Opportunity and repost the story to my critique forum. I’m late on this. This must be done tonight before I get to other things I need to do!


3) May was designated to characters in my novel. This month, we’re working on culture/politics/religion and other aspects of world building. This week, I’m working on culture. So excited!

…..roar. I have great ideas, but I didn’t try to execute any of them this week. I’m leaving this as undone… Though, my muse is talking to me. I have ideas, I swear.

4) Create a Flash Fiction for this week’s challenge. I didn’t get a chance to finish late week, but this week, I’ll have something posted by Friday. My words are mint, divorce, moon.

I wrote something. It sucks. No, really, it sucks. But 1000 words were written. I’m too ashamed if its suckiness to post it here.

5) Get inspired for Short Story Saturday (something I haven’t done in a few weeks)

I’m thinking about this. I have a few ideas… Gonna write a story tomorrow morning!


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