Optimism Monday: A Short Week With Many Tasks


The boys aren’t napping and my time is short. Indeed, this is going to be a very short week for me because family is coming to town and I won’t have much time to get work done. Does that mean that my task list will be abbreviated? HELL TO THE NO!

Let’s do this:

1) More posting, more plugs: I’m going to write 5 posts this week and I’m going to link to at least 3 other writing blogs that I enjoy. More shout outs means a better writing community for us all.

2)  Finish my Friday Flash Fiction (I’m 800 words in) and have it posted.

3) Work on world building this week for the novel, A Terrible Thing To Waste.

4) Look for a market for Missed Opportunity, which is now finished. (Maybe use Duotrope? Is that a good thing to use?)

5) Critique at least 2 other works by other people in my writing community

6) Begin work on a new short story. Short stories on Saturdays haven’t been working, so we need a new day. Find inspiration, find a day, and get writing.


Oh yeah. Go big or go home. This stuff is gonna get done this week.

Happy Monday, everyone in writing land! What’s on your task list?


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