Writer Wednesday: Short Weeks, Extra Work


How are you doing, writing world? I feel like my fingers have been flying all day every day this week! What’s up with that!?!?!

Let’s see what I’ve accomplished for all of this typing:

1) More posting, more plugs: I’m going to write 5 posts this week and I’m going to link to at least 3 other writing blogs that I enjoy. More shout outs means a better writing community for us all.

This is post 3 of five this week! And you should totally check out the guest post that I wrote for my good friend over at Notebook Blogairy! (See what I did there?)

2)  Finish my Friday Flash Fiction (I’m 800 words in) and have it posted.

Oh yes! Finished this and got some pretty good reviews on it! Will post in a moment!

3) Work on world building this week for the novel, A Terrible Thing To Waste.

This is my primary task this evening…especially because I’ve come to a bit of a world building conundrum…and a plot problem simultaneously. Much pondering must occur.

4) Look for a market for Missed Opportunity, which is now finished. (Maybe use Duotrope? Is that a good thing to use?)

I have not done this, mostly because I haven’t decided if it’s a good idea. In other words, I’m a bit chicken shit. Gonna force myself to do this.

5) Critique at least 2 other works by other people in my writing community

Working on this. Nobody has posted anything recently…so I might not be able to do this one…

6) Begin work on a new short story. Short stories on Saturdays haven’t been working, so we need a new day. Find inspiration, find a day, and get writing.

Inspiration hasn’t really struck me yet. My head is swimming with many, many other tasks. Hopefully, while I’m twisting my hair, lightening will somehow strike.


Not a whole lot is crossed out yet, but the progress bar is slowly moving toward the right on every one of these tasks! We’re gonna have a successful week. I can just feel it!


How are ya’ll doing, writing friends? Share your progress!


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