Accountability Friday: Did a Reduction of Time Help or Hinder?



Believe it or not, I averaged about 2500 words every day this week. Most of those words were dedicated to one blog or another, but they were words put to digital paper, and I’m counting them. It’s Friday morning at 6am and I have real life things to do today. So let’s get to the board and see how I did:


1) More posting, more plugs: I’m going to write 5 posts this week and I’m going to link to at least 3 other writing blogs that I enjoy. More shout outs means a better writing community for us all.

5 out of 5 and no technicalities in sight! Feeling very blog-accomplished this week! I was even inspired by some of my other favorite blogs this week, like Bottled Worder!

2)  Finish my Friday Flash Fiction (I’m 800 words in) and have it posted.

Done, posted, happy with it. There were some other really fantastic entries, too, specifically this one over at Panning for Clouds, which is a combo of Farris Bueller and Walking Dead. He did a great job capturing the perfect voice for the protagonist and drawing up a world. I think that Mr. Cook is a fantastic writer. I’m really excited to get to read his work, and I’m so grateful for how much he contributes to the writing community that I belong to (he gives most excellent critiques). If you enjoyed Leaving So Soon, the story that I posted earlier this week, you’ll love The World Ended and I Still Need Condoms.

3) Work on world building this week for the novel, A Terrible Thing To Waste.

Did it. Not as accomplished as I’d like it to be, but I did do some work. Sooooo it counts.

4) Look for a market for Missed Opportunity, which is now finished. (Maybe use Duotrope? Is that a good thing to use?)

Thank God for my writing community–folks gave me a few suggestions as to where to start my search. I have a few prospects already. It’s my goal to get Missed Opportunity and Never a Day (which I renamed, but that’s not important) submitted to a few markets by Friday next week.

5) Critique at least 2 other works by other people in my writing community

Half done. I was only able to critique one fully. There were a few others that I made comments on, but they weren’t offered up for critique per se. So I’m not crossing it off because I didn’t really meet the goal.

6) Begin work on a new short story. Short stories on Saturdays haven’t been working, so we need a new day. Find inspiration, find a day, and get writing.

Didn’t do this. Mostly because I wasn’t really inspired this week. I’m deciding that it should be more about quality and quantity (hmmmm, what a delicious excuse not to write). I will get back on the composition horse next week.



Damn! It’s like high school all over again–give me as little time as possible, I make shit happen. Hilarious!


Hope that you all had productive weeks. Have a great weekend!


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