Optimism Monday: The Sun Is Out…Can I Still Be Productive?

Summer seems to have finally arrived here in Massachusetts after many a week of gray rainy gray. It hasn’t been easy to get work done, per se, but it has certainly been easier to get work done when I look outside to see a crappy day. Well, this week, it’s supposed to be nice all week long…so it might be tougher to get words onto digital paper. We’ll see. Let’s create some tasks.

1) At least 4 posts this week.

I’m pulling back simply because I have a lot to do. If I can get 5 done, then I’ll be happy, but I’m going to be cautious and say 4 for right now.

2) Continue World Building, producing some material that will be good enough to use for plotting.

3) Develop one of the two short stories that I found inspiration for over the weekend.

4) Work on a Flash Fiction, but not the one that Chuck posted. Work on another one.

5) Finish personal market spreadsheet, pick a few magazines, send off my two lit fic short stories.

This looks like a short list, but there is a lot of writing to be had from it. Time to get to work. Let’s have a fantastic and productive week!


5 thoughts on “Optimism Monday: The Sun Is Out…Can I Still Be Productive?

  1. Good luck, KC!
    I have my own form of this that contains more than writing goals, but it’s got a personal reward or punishment for success or failure to keep me motivated, both of which are monetary in nature.

    • Thanks, Rick!

      I wish I had the means to give myself monetary rewards/punishments–maybe after I sell something I’l be able to do that! Right now, all of my monetary means are going toward all things baby. 😦 Being super a-type, it’s embarrassing for me to make a task-list and not complete it. It’s also nice to share, anyway. But now I’m curious, what are on your lists? How do you keep yourself motivated? Is writing your full time gig or do you have a “day job,” too?

      • Oh, writing’s a hobby first and foremost, though it’s my chief hobby. I do have a fulltime day job (50 hours a week usually), and it definitely takes a lot out of me some days to the point that it’s very difficult to focus on writing and still have some “me time” during the week.

        I’m full self-publish, which also takes a lot of time on the social aspect of spreading the word and making new contacts and all that hooplah. I’d say self-publishing is a means unto itself, as the time and energy I put into it is satisfactory, and it typically pays just well enough that I can afford to go out to eat (somewhere better than an Applebee’s, for instance) once a month or so on the profits.

        But! I post regularly to a different community than our writing community that has instituted a “Good Habit Challenge” where each week everyone that wants to participate posts up some week-long goals, and then we self-enforce those goals by adding a Success or Failure dynamic that helps keep us motivated. My usual Success is going out to eat my favorite food in the world (Thai), while my Failure is usually a Steam or Kindle present to someone else who participated in the challenge that week and succeeded at all their goals.

        It’s a pretty good system, because I spend roughly the same amount whether I Succeed or Fail; it’s just a matter of who that money gets spent on, me or someone who isn’t a Failure. =)

        And my goals for this week are: Take three half-hour walks, write two blog posts that aren’t short stories or flash fiction entries, edit roughly 10K words, and don’t go to any fast-food restaurants for the week. I’m hoping to have the blog posts done tonight, the editing done by tomorrow night, and the third walk by Thursday night, so that I hopefully have enough time to knock out one or both of the writing prompts I want to do this week.

      • Wow… that community sounds incredible. I belong to another writing community as well, but I’m finding that it’s not terribly active, which is unfortunate.

        It would really piss me off if I had to buy someone something because I didn’t get my list done. That would be SUPER incentive to get through my list!!

        Kudos to you for self publishing and trying to make this work. I hope to, by this time next year, be somewhere closer to where you are. I just want to write enough to loosen up our budget a little bit. Enough to feel like I’m contributing financially, you know? Hopefully, some day, I’ll have met this little goal.

      • Re: the other community, it’s a place I’ve been posting at for 13 years now, and it’s mostly made up of creative people (though most aren’t writers). Mostly it’s just a tight-knit place that’s like a clubhouse I can escape to sometimes and actually talk to people about things that interest me.

        Our writing community is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, and even though I’ve only been around for like a month and a half I’ve been made to feel incredibly welcome and that’s an awesome feeling.

        Sincere good luck and well wishes on your journey to become a (monetary) contributor to your household, doing something you genuinely enjoy doing! Getting paid to do something you love is amazing, as I’m sure you can attest with teaching.

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