Optimism Monday: New Week, New Possibilities, New Inspirations


I wrote a long one for my mommy blog, and I know my nap window is running out, so we’re gonna have to get to the board quickly. Here is the good news: I’m feeling really inspired this week. Let’s get to the board:


1) 5 posts this week. Yup, we’re gonna do it. 

2) Complete the short story that I started last week, The Hand that Feeds You, and post it for critique. 

3) Write this week’s flash fiction for Chuck’s challenge. I rolled a good one! Superhero plus Occult Detective, must have forbidden love and a pool of blood. Ohhhhh yeaaaah. It’s gonna be awesome. 

4) Rework the short story that I wrote for my writing community this weekend. It kind of went out of control, but I like the concept: Michael and Gabriel go all cowboy style in the wild west looking for Lucifer. I know, I know, I know, it doesn’t sound awesome, but like, there is something about it that has the potential to be awesome, so I’m working on it. Don’t judge me! 

5) Come up with a new schedule for work on my novel, A Terrible Thing to Waste, because my current timeline is broken (which totally sucks). Post for accountability.


That’s a lot, but I’m not starting from scratch with any of these–I wrote snippets all weekend (when I should have been packing!!). I think that this is going to be a great writing week!

What are you up to this week? Let’s be productive together!




7 thoughts on “Optimism Monday: New Week, New Possibilities, New Inspirations

  1. So I failed mine last week ’cause of delicious Braum’s hamburgers (and if you don’t know what Braum’s is, then I pity you).

    This week is more of the same, 10% of my third draft of my next novel, one short story and one writing article, plus at least one “attack” on the Artist’s Corner, then exercise and no fast food.

    • Yes, what and where are Braum’s hamburgers? And now i’m flippin’ hungry!! Roar!

      There is so much more I wanted to add to the list this week, but there is no way what with the packing and logistics that I have to do for our big move. So if you didn’t meet your goal, do you owe something to your forum?

      I can’t wait to see what your attack is going to be!! I might try to write another. I still have to do my flash fiction for the week anyway…

      • Re: Braum’s – Braum’s is an Oklahoma fast-food chain, and for a fast food burger it’s the best I’ve ever had. I hail from and normally live in Oklahoma, but I’ve been away in Mississippi for four months and hadn’t had Braum’s for even longer than that. This past weekend I was in Arkansas helping my sister move from Ohio, and I was just close enough to Oklahoma for a Braum’s to be in town, and I saw it and caved. So tasty.

        Re: Failure – There are five “successes” from last week’s challenge, so I have to roll one of them randomly and they get a single Steam or Kindle purchase up to $10 from me.

        My attack is mostly written at this point, I just need to figure out the specific slant I want for the ending and tweak some stuff before posting it up. And still do one of Wendig’s Flash Fictions that I want to do! Too much going on.

  2. Just curious, have you tried selling your short stories on Amazon? super easy to self-pub there. A little harder to do it correctly with good formatting, but not that bad. Basically you just turn your text into pure html and publish it via kdp.amazon.com’s interface.


    • Hey Jeff! Thanks for the suggestion!! Self-publishing scares me shitless. I don’t really have an editor or anything… and I’m just chicken shit. I should take the plunge….maybe I’ll take the plunge?? I don’t know…. I’ll look at the website…

  3. Here’s another tip to ease your fears: the amazon kindle system lets you choose the name you publish as. So you could put int “scared johnson” and the book/story/article would look like it was written by “Scared Johnson” and not “K.C. Wise.” This lets you mess up without ruining your good name. You still have to set up your account under a real name so that you can get the money delivered to your bank account, but YOU decide who the “author” is. Just make sure to put in a copyright statement (doesn’t have to be your real name, and it’s literally 1 line) and you’re good to go.

    • A nom de plume for my nom de plume!? That’s so meta, Kent. 🙂

      I read through the user agreement, and it was pretty agreeable. I have to go over the pricing plan in more detail… I feel like it’s all just a little too easy.

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