Optimism Monday: Is There Really Such Thing as a “Short” Week for Writers?


It’s July 4th week, but art doesn’t take a holiday. I’m putting words on paper this week, it doesn’t matter that everyone is putting in a 3-day week (or that my idiot in-laws are coming up this weekend). Let’s look at the task list:


1) It’s a 5 post kind of a week. I actually have a lot to say, so I’m excited.

2) No flash fiction this week (I’m opting out on purpose), so I’m working on finishing A Field of Daisies and also I am going to revisit Before Her Time and expand it.


It’s a short list, but it is still work. I’m looking forward to making this a productive week. For the good of the country! 🙂


Let’s get to work, yeah?


4 thoughts on “Optimism Monday: Is There Really Such Thing as a “Short” Week for Writers?

  1. Heya, I have an idea for you. All that flash fiction you’re writing? What if you bundled it all up as an “as is, beware all who enter” kind of thing and publish it on Amazon? Make that your first thing? Otherwise it’ll sit there in a little folder not doing anything. Maybe it won’t sell a single copy, but the process will be interesting. And maybe you’ll find a way to hook in some readers (the blurb, the cover, etc.).

    • Thanks for being such an advocate of my writing, Jeff. I need the push, I really do! I am deeply considering making an anthology of all of my short fiction and self-publishing it. I have 4 short-story length works and 5 flash fictions. I’m going to write through summer and try to self-pub in the fall. I’m going for around 50k in total words so if feels meaty…

      • Cool 🙂 I have a few blogs I go to when I get time and I like coming here because there’s a sense of motion about you. Good stuff.

    • That’s kind of you. I’m grateful that you stop by so often. I really should reciprocate more–I’m terrible at making time to read other blogs! Gonna get better!

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