Accountability Friday: Short Weeks are Never Short

Oh man, what a week. It was a short list, but this must be done. Let’s go to the board:

1) It’s a 5 post kind of a week. I actually have a lot to say, so I’m excited.

I’m crossing this off even though this is technically post number 4. The reason why is because post number 5 is staring at me from my Moleskine and I’m going to put it to digital paper as soon as I’m done with this post.

2) No flash fiction this week (I’m opting out on purpose), so I’m working on finishing A Field of Daisies and also I am going to revisit Before Her Time and expand it.

I did finish A Field of Daises, and I’m going to write about the disaster at hand in my “vexations” piece this week. I didn’t have a chance to expand Before Her Time, but I do have an awesome idea that I hope to work on tomorrow during the boy’s nap time.

So I’m calling this a win week! I’m packing up the apartment for our big move in the beginning of August, so lists are going to get lighter, but there is a cool challenge of Chuck’s website this week, and I have an idea for expanding two characters–I love the characters from Before Her Time and I want to play with them. I also want to expand the world and character of Victor from Never a Day Quiet. More details next week. 

How was your week? I hope that it was patriotic as well as productive!



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