Optimism Monday: Back to Normal, Back to Work

Welcome back from the long weekend, everyone! I hope that you had a fun, satisfying weekend! I got all of my work done last week, and I rewarded myself by taking it easy over the weekend. I found that, by Saturday, I’d run out of words anyway. These last few weeks of solid work have been exhausting!

This week, we’re back to normal. Let’s make a good working list:

1) Work on an idea for a new character/story, that connects two interesting ideas that came to me this weekend.

I’m being vague, I know, but I am going to write something out and submit it for a little critique by Friday. I’ll post an excerpt here. I’m thinking about Before Her Time, but I am going to expand it to something bigger. I’m going to play with the world, and merge it with some history/interesting present. I’m really excited about this idea. I can’t wait to share it (if it works out). This will be my first big step into genre fiction.

2) Rewrite Before Her Time completely and submit that for critique also.

3) Return to my novel project, and create one complete area of world building–focus on Religion and Culture this week.

4) Enter Chuck’s sentence contest this week with the goal of winning.

Yes, three items, but that’s two complete short stories and some world building, so I have a lot on my plate this week. Plus the 5 posts for this blog. Many, many words to be written this week! Let’s have a productive week.


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