Gummy Snacks Fuel My Lit


That’s right, gummy snacks.

First, I’m going to pat myself on the back for a second. I have written, as of this moment, over 5,000 words of fiction! WHAT WHAT!?!!?!? *RAISE THE ROOF!!!!*

(do people still do that?)

(Fuck it, I’m doing it.)

(yeeeaaah, that’s the stuff…)

Anyhoo, yes, this post is about gummy snacks. Because I really could not have written those 5,000 words without them.

I didn’t always love gummy snacks–mostly because my mother had basically banned them from my childhood. Pure sugar, nothing of value, and she’s not a big “snack” person. If we were eating, we were eating. Something prepared, something made with love. Gummy snacks were not prepared. Neither were chips or popcorn (though we had that on Friday evenings) or any other traditional snack you can think of. Food was a meal, and snacks were not meals.

Ohhh, but when I went to college, the rules of my household (and my mother’s tyrannical grocery shopping) were gone from my life. My “Freshman 15” was actually a loss (because the food in the caf was, in a word, atrocious) but I did ignite a passion for one particular snack: Welches’ Fruit Snacks. I was a political science major, but Freshman year at a liberal arts college is all about core classes anyway. One of those core classes was a particularly well lead English lit course. I loved it. And the reading schedule was rigorous, but I didn’t care at all. Snacking and reading go hand in hand, and there have actually been studies that show that chewing something like gum while taking assessments or studying can help brain function and recall. Not interested in the various chips or super-sweet confections in the dorm vending machines, I chose fruity snacks on a whim one night. They’ve been my snack of choice for writing and reading ever since.

I certainly know that i love the flavor of fruity gummy snacks, but I also think that there is a texture element that I like, too. They are soft, so they don’t make an annoying crunchy sound. They eventually disintegrate, so you can swallow and make room for more. And they don’t run out of flavor instantly like gum does. You enjoy it till it’s gone. Since your mind is free from such worries as “eww, my fingers are sticky” or “eww, the flavoring on the chips is all over my fingers and I can’t type/turn the page” or “augh, I have to freaking spit out my gum” or “augh, there is chocolate all over the place” or even “I can’t put my chocolate bar down on [surface name here] because the chocolate will stain everything,” you get to concentrate solely on what you are consuming or creating.

My one vexation regarding gummy snacks?

They come in packages of, like, five.

Seriously! You can only seem to get the adult-sized gummy snacks at Costco and we only go there once a month, so I’ve been stuck buying the piece-meal packages that are targeted for children. Yeah, they come in interesting shark shapes that are fun to ponder. Yeah, they have weird and interesting flavors that are nice to savor. But why, for the love of God, do they come in packs of maybe 6?

and then you only get 10 little packets per box!!!


I feel like I’d be pissed about this even if I were 7 or 8.

So, when I was really getting down with writing the prequel for Before Her Time, (which I’ve tentatively named Accountability, and I’ll have an excerpt tomorrow) I’d be plowing through like three little packets! I was out of those suckers by Wednesday.

I didn’t panic. The words still flowed and the stories were still completed.

But the process didn’t have the same comfort that it would have had.

I know that I should probably consume less sugar when I’m writing. I feel like all writers have their vices. I can’t, however, claim that fruity snacks are any better than alcohol, as we know diabetes and obesity in this country have certainly ravaged this great country. I’m not morbidly obese, but I probably shouldn’t be eating a million pieces of fruity snacks.

But we all need fuel for our lit. And gummy snacks are my current fuel.

I’ll try to switch to water at some point. Maybe.


What fuels your lit? Is it a terrible vice or something healthy and wonderful?


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