I am.

The words between “am” and the period at the end of the sentence have changed many times, and they will change many more times between now and the day of my passing.

Indeed, the words will change many times within the next 24 hours.

Because I am fluid.

As I type this, I am a mother, providing my youngest child with necessary nourishment. Simultaneously, I’m a woman, excited about getting my breasts back in 2 weeks when this little man turns 1 and I decide to stop nursing.

Last night, I was a wife and an intellectual, discussing and comparing utilitarianism and libertarianism with my husband.

There are a few constants in my life: I’m a Black.Woman. I love these two constants. That love came through age, reflection, joy, exasperation, tears, smiles, and mornings of looking myself in the mirror and simply telling myself that I’m beautiful, smart, and worthy.

I have been a writer since second grade, making little picture books about a random orange cat that did stuff and things. I turned toward journalism in high school and college, writing for the high school’s television station and for my college’s newspaper. It wasn’t until graduate school that I turned my mind back to writing fiction, but then my passion for urban teaching and social justice zapped my energy (creative or otherwise).

But I was dreaming, and waiting, and hoping for an opportunity.

Prayers were answered in the form of my Eldest son, Ursa Major. With him came the false opportunity of “time.” What he did present was the opportunity of organization. There is no such thing as procrastination when you have a screaming baby boy.

and when, 7 months later, I became pregnant with Ursa Minor, that opportunity only grew.

And so did the urgency of contribution.

I am a Black.Woman.Writer.Mother hoping to make a connection. Hoping to make the step to Author. Looking to make the step to seller of writing.

But more importantly, I hope to be a purveyor of  thoughts and a builder of worlds.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope that, through this space and through my writing, I am move you from visitor to regular reader and, eventually, to fan.

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