Accountability Friday: Failing Up


So I can tell you that I didn’t meet all of my goals this week, but I am feeling fairly accomplished anyway because despite the acute challenges of my week, I still managed to create fiction. I’m looking forward to snuggling up to this computer and finishing up a few things so that I can walk into this weekend feeling really accomplished. Moreover, I feel like I can end this week feeling stronger than I did the week before: I have moved my family, I have settled them into our new home and our new life, and I was still able to create something for myself in the process. That’s fantastic.

Let’s go to the board:


1) I’m so pumped about Chuck’s Flash Fiction challenge this week. We’ve got to create our own “punk” genre and the muse threw something cool at me: Blacksploitation Samurai-Punk. Oh yeah. Get pumped. It’s going to be a great week.

Done and posted.

2) I’m going to, for the love of God, edit this prequel for Before Her Time. I’m excited to finish and put it back out there.

Can’t cross this out right at this moment, but I’m on track to finish tonight. And I have a reader for it, which makes me happy.

3) I have notes in my notebook for a start of the reboot for the original Before Her Time. What I have (5 handwritten pages) is pretty good. I’m going to digitize and continue. I’d like to post that by the end of the week.

I’m going to table this until Monday so that I can start fresh and feel like that is going to be the Story of the Week.


Thanks for sticking with me as this has been a bit of a rocky blogging time. But I’m back and I’m settled and I’m ready to rock and roll. I have ideas in my head and words that need to be written. and published.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Accountability Friday: Excuses, Excuses


I wish I had been as productive this week as I was last week. Unfortunately, life got in the way. I’m not a girl who likes to give excuses, and I don’t even think that the excuses that I have are terribly legit this week. But I’m preparing myself for being a bit unproductive over the next few weeks. I’m moving. With 2 toddlers. and I’m traveling alone this weekend. I’m hoping to get a lot of writing done during the down-times that I’ll have over the next 24 hours. We’ll see what the brain cooks up.


In the mean time, Accountability was not totally reworked this week. It’s close, and it has ballooned by almost another 1500 words (good words), but it isn’t complete yet. This weekend, I’m going analog to rewrite Before Her Time. 


See you next week!

Accountability Friday: Accomplished and feeling good.


I wrote somewhere in the ballpark of 6500 words this week. More if you count all of the times I just wiped out 500 words of progress. I can’t believe how much I did this week and I can’t wait to continue the positive momentum.

Let’s go to the boards:

1) I freaking must finish the prequel for Before Her TIme. I am 2,000 words into this thing, and it shows no signs of stopping. I think that I’m allllmoooosssstttt there, but I think that I have another 2,000 words more before this story is complete. Excerpt by Friday. EXCERPT BY FRIDAY!!!! (roar!)

Done and done. I feel sooo goood about this.

2) Flash Fiction for Chuck this week? Let’s pick a line right now… Here we go: “That plan didn’t fly, superhero, and now we’re short a bazooka.” I liked this line the first time I read it and it has been with me all weekend. I envision a wedding. Let’s see.

Done and done. I actually got some positive feedback on what I created for this one, too.

3) Write out 1000 words of a YA concept that I have. I’m going to guard this one close to the vest because I think that the idea is interesting and viable. I might share this with my writing group before I put it on this blog. Well… maybe I’ll share a little bit. We’ll see. :)

1000 words were written, unfortunately, they aren’t really getting my motor running. This story is going to be my big project next week while I’m still garnering feedback from Accountability.

4) Start the rewrite for Before Her Time. Notice I said “start.” Very ambiguous! Let’s see if we can make that a 100 word minimum, just so I don’t get cute and write only one sentence.

Annnnddd done.


I’m out of words this week. I’m going to write a little bit tonight just so I can get the YA story off the ground (and I might work on the Before Her Time remake, too), but I have come to the end of my words this week. I’m feeling so good this week.

I hope that you had a productive week as well. Let’s have inspiring weekends so that we can get back to it on Monday!

Accountability Friday: A Creative but Less-Than-Productive Week

Wow, what a week. If I could give a true grade to myself for what I’ve done, I’d give myself a “C”. The reason why? I could have gotten more done, but I ended up watching a lot of television this week. I spent a lot of time chasing babies or watching the Zimmerman trial during my usual writing time.  I was also so brain-dead after the dinner/bath/bedtime routine that I couldn’t contemplate writing, too. But that’s not a good excuse. I should have gotten more done this week.


1) Work on an idea for a new character/story, that connects two interesting ideas that came to me this weekend.

Not crossing it out because I’m not done, but I’m 2,000 words into a really great story/character idea. I’m hoping to post an excerpt on Monday, and submit it for group critique as well.

2) Rewrite Before Her Time completely and submit that for critique also.

I knew that I bit off more than I could chew this week. Before her Time will come next week…along with a flash fic too?

3) Return to my novel project, and create one complete area of world building–focus on Religion and Culture this week.

*sigh* Short story writing is really killing my novel writing… I’m going to completely table the novel idea right now. We’re going to revisit in October, plan for it, and then rock it out for Nano in November.

4) Enter Chuck’s sentence contest this week with the goal of winning.

Done. I wasn’t among the winners, but the ones that Chuck chose are interesting! I hope I can write a flash fic next week…


I’m excited about the idea that I’m developing. I wish that I had spent more time on it this week…


Hope you all have restful, inspiring weekend!

Accountability Friday: Short Weeks are Never Short

Oh man, what a week. It was a short list, but this must be done. Let’s go to the board:

1) It’s a 5 post kind of a week. I actually have a lot to say, so I’m excited.

I’m crossing this off even though this is technically post number 4. The reason why is because post number 5 is staring at me from my Moleskine and I’m going to put it to digital paper as soon as I’m done with this post.

2) No flash fiction this week (I’m opting out on purpose), so I’m working on finishing A Field of Daisies and also I am going to revisit Before Her Time and expand it.

I did finish A Field of Daises, and I’m going to write about the disaster at hand in my “vexations” piece this week. I didn’t have a chance to expand Before Her Time, but I do have an awesome idea that I hope to work on tomorrow during the boy’s nap time.

So I’m calling this a win week! I’m packing up the apartment for our big move in the beginning of August, so lists are going to get lighter, but there is a cool challenge of Chuck’s website this week, and I have an idea for expanding two characters–I love the characters from Before Her Time and I want to play with them. I also want to expand the world and character of Victor from Never a Day Quiet. More details next week. 

How was your week? I hope that it was patriotic as well as productive!


Accountability Friday: Another One for the Win Column?


I’m feeling really accomplished today. There was a lot to do this week and I am grateful that I got about 90% of it done. Let’s go to the board and see what I’ve done:

1) 5 posts this week. Yup, we’re gonna do it. 

I’m averaging about 2,000 words a day thanks in large part to blogging 5 days a week. It is a lot of fun to reflect about writing in other ways. I hope I can keep this up!

2) Complete the short story that I started last week, The Hand that Feeds You, and post it for critique. 

Completed, renamed, and will be posted shortly. My community seems to be a little dead today, so I’ll post it later.

3) Write this week’s flash fiction for Chuck’s challenge. I rolled a good one! Superhero plus Occult Detective, must have forbidden love and a pool of blood. Ohhhhh yeaaaah. It’s gonna be awesome. 

Done and posted! I am actually pleased with the results. I’ve already come up with an idea for a re-write, and I might submit that re-write somewhere. We’ll see…

4) Rework the short story that I wrote for my writing community this weekend. It kind of went out of control, but I like the concept: Michael and Gabriel go all cowboy style in the wild west looking for Lucifer. I know, I know, I know, it doesn’t sound awesome, but like, there is something about it that has the potential to be awesome, so I’m working on it. Don’t judge me! 

Didn’t get to this quite yet, hopefully this evening (So I’m still marking it as “done). I have a couple ideas about how to rehab what I originally wrote while keeping my idea. Super excited.

5) Come up with a new schedule for work on my novel, A Terrible Thing to Waste, because my current timeline is broken (which totally sucks). Post for accountability.

Even did a little pondering about this! I’m not pleased with the plan (start October 1 instead of August 1, bleeding into Nano, which makes things messy) but it is a plan nonetheless.


Here’s to a successful week!!! My reward? I’m treating myself to a little jazz and gelato tonight at my favorite little corner coffee shop. No kids, no husband. I’m really pumped! If it’s raining/storming, I might stay in and watch True Blood instead. Either way, I’m taking the night off.

I hope you, too, had a successful literary week! Tomorrow is a “short” because of the July 4th holiday (here in America, anyway), but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t writing to do. I’m already lost in TVTropes researching for next week’s challenge!


Accountability Friday: Ohhh the Indignity

Man, I don’t even have any excuses for a week. This week was just a hot mess for fiction. Let’s go to the disaster:

1) At least 4 posts this week.

Ok, so I did that.

2) Continue World Building, producing some material that will be good enough to use for plotting.

Not even a chance. And now that I know that I’ll be moving the first week of August, I don’t know how I’m going to be capable of starting this novel August 1. That’s fine, because I can’t plot in July because I’ll be flippin’ packing. Looks like we might be moving everything back to October 1 at this rate!

3) Develop one of the two short stories that I found inspiration for over the weekend.

Now, I did do this. I’m 1381 words into The Hand That Feeds You, a concept that I’m really excited about. I’m on draft zero right now, but I’m hoping to have something done and ready for critique by next Wednesday or so.

4) Work on a Flash Fiction, but not the one that Chuck posted. Work on another one.

Nope. Didn’t happen. Didn’t even come close to happening. But I’m super pumped about this week’s challenge!

5) Finish personal market spreadsheet, pick a few magazines, send off my two lit fic short stories.

Didn’t happen. All of the windows are still open, didn’t even glance at them.


So, fail failing fail? I shall deny myself beer this weekend as penance for my actions…and since Sam Adams Summer Ale is my second favorite beer, and the window for drinking it is so damned short, this is a high price to pay indeed!


Accountability Friday: Did a Reduction of Time Help or Hinder?



Believe it or not, I averaged about 2500 words every day this week. Most of those words were dedicated to one blog or another, but they were words put to digital paper, and I’m counting them. It’s Friday morning at 6am and I have real life things to do today. So let’s get to the board and see how I did:


1) More posting, more plugs: I’m going to write 5 posts this week and I’m going to link to at least 3 other writing blogs that I enjoy. More shout outs means a better writing community for us all.

5 out of 5 and no technicalities in sight! Feeling very blog-accomplished this week! I was even inspired by some of my other favorite blogs this week, like Bottled Worder!

2)  Finish my Friday Flash Fiction (I’m 800 words in) and have it posted.

Done, posted, happy with it. There were some other really fantastic entries, too, specifically this one over at Panning for Clouds, which is a combo of Farris Bueller and Walking Dead. He did a great job capturing the perfect voice for the protagonist and drawing up a world. I think that Mr. Cook is a fantastic writer. I’m really excited to get to read his work, and I’m so grateful for how much he contributes to the writing community that I belong to (he gives most excellent critiques). If you enjoyed Leaving So Soon, the story that I posted earlier this week, you’ll love The World Ended and I Still Need Condoms.

3) Work on world building this week for the novel, A Terrible Thing To Waste.

Did it. Not as accomplished as I’d like it to be, but I did do some work. Sooooo it counts.

4) Look for a market for Missed Opportunity, which is now finished. (Maybe use Duotrope? Is that a good thing to use?)

Thank God for my writing community–folks gave me a few suggestions as to where to start my search. I have a few prospects already. It’s my goal to get Missed Opportunity and Never a Day (which I renamed, but that’s not important) submitted to a few markets by Friday next week.

5) Critique at least 2 other works by other people in my writing community

Half done. I was only able to critique one fully. There were a few others that I made comments on, but they weren’t offered up for critique per se. So I’m not crossing it off because I didn’t really meet the goal.

6) Begin work on a new short story. Short stories on Saturdays haven’t been working, so we need a new day. Find inspiration, find a day, and get writing.

Didn’t do this. Mostly because I wasn’t really inspired this week. I’m deciding that it should be more about quality and quantity (hmmmm, what a delicious excuse not to write). I will get back on the composition horse next week.



Damn! It’s like high school all over again–give me as little time as possible, I make shit happen. Hilarious!


Hope that you all had productive weeks. Have a great weekend!

Accountability Friday: Callin’ a Technicality


What a week. I’ve written something for somebody every day this week. How much of that writing accomplished my goals for the week? Let’s see


1) We’re gonna do it this week: 5 posts on this blog! Can I do it?? Let’s see!!

Ok. I know that you’re like “yo, I didn’t see that 5th post.” Yeah, you are right. I’m getting off on a technicality. I totally wrote a guest post for my friend over at the Notebook Blogairy, and it will come up sometime next week. So it’s not a post for THIS week, but a post for NEXT week. But it’s totally written, so I’m saying 5 posts!

2) Tighten up Missed Opportunity and repost the story to my critique forum. I’m late on this. This must be done tonight before I get to other things I need to do!


3) May was designated to characters in my novel. This month, we’re working on culture/politics/religion and other aspects of world building. This week, I’m working on culture. So excited!

…..roar. I have great ideas, but I didn’t try to execute any of them this week. I’m leaving this as undone… Though, my muse is talking to me. I have ideas, I swear.

4) Create a Flash Fiction for this week’s challenge. I didn’t get a chance to finish late week, but this week, I’ll have something posted by Friday. My words are mint, divorce, moon.

I wrote something. It sucks. No, really, it sucks. But 1000 words were written. I’m too ashamed if its suckiness to post it here.

5) Get inspired for Short Story Saturday (something I haven’t done in a few weeks)

I’m thinking about this. I have a few ideas… Gonna write a story tomorrow morning!

Accountability Friday: Everything is Commin’ Up Roses!


Two successful weeks in a row? Let’s go to the board!

1. 3 Blog posts plus a bonus. We’ll slowly build to five posts a week.

Booyah! The WordPress scheduling feature is my new best friend! Banged out that little ditty about inspiration when the boys were napping one day this week. Best thing ever. I think I will be able to pull off 5 posts next week!

2. Put up Missed Opportunity for critique and integrate critique into a true final.

Booyah! Got some really great feedback. Gonna tighten up this beauty and then repost for one more critique. Hope to submit this piece sometime next week.

3. Write a Flash Fiction for this week’s challenge, which has to do with psychics and what not. I chose Divination… I’m not going to lie, I’m not wholly excited about this challenge (paranormal doesn’t turn me on as a reader, so it isn’t singing to me as a writer.) We’re gonna challenge ourselves and make it work! (And my offer still stands. I’ll link to yours if you link to mine!)

Semi-Booyah: I have something written, but I didn’t finish it by the noon deadline. I like the story, but I don’t like-like the story…and since I have spent my day taking the boys to the pool and preparing my home for an in-law onslaught, I haven’t had time to edit and post it. I hope to do that tonight after everybody leaves.

4. Dedicate this week to Junia and Tinsley, the last two characters of my novel to work on. I’m excited to be finishing this phase of character building. Gotta try to stay on schedule so that I can start writing on August 1st. It’s so close and yet so far and there is must more to do!

Had this one on lock by Wednesday!!!


Everything is crossed off this week! What, what!!!!! Feeling so pumped going into the weekend!!!


Now, if only I could shake off these damned in-laws.

Hope that you all have a great (and in-law free!) weekend!!!