Starting the Week Positive: Shout Out Monday!


I want to take this opportunity to send a great big shout out to my writing friend, Rochelle, who has a wonderful blog called The Notebook Blogairy and today is her bloggy anniversary! So Happy Bloggin’ Birthday! Please check out her blog! She’s doing an awesome giveaway to celebrate!

I met Rochelle through NaNoWriMo ’12. Though she is the published writer, I ended up mentoring her through the crazy month of literary abandon. I have fun mentoring other moms through the crazy month (because NaNo is a challenge. Mothering is a challenge. NaNoing and Mothering is another world of challenge), and she was one of my 8 newbies  for the month. She was one of the 6 who “won” NaNo under my watch last year, and we’ve been corresponding ever since!

In fact, without her, I wouldn’t have started this blog and I wouldn’t be working so hard to come up with my own platform and start publishing my own stuff.

So this is a Happy Birthday and also a Thank You. Inspiration comes in many forms, and we should be grateful when we realize what has happened. Turning points are awesome things.

What I’m up to this week: 

I wrote a short story on Saturday that I like but don’t love. So I’m tabling it while I think of a better ending.

I’m rewriting a story that I love and hope to polish and submit. Rewrite will hopefully be done by Friday.

I’m doing more world building for my novel this week. Hope to start character building next week so I can really start plotting.


What are you up to this week?