Writer Wednesday: Heh.


Yeah, that’s how I’m going to describe this week. Just a shrug and a “heh.” I was really hoping that the boys were going to settle in to this new place and that we were going to keep it moving as a happy family. I also thought that the stress of moving would pass over me, allowing me to open my mind to writing again.

What I didn’t plan for, on any of our accounts, was the physical fatigue.

Moving is fucking exhausting. We got movers to do the heavy lifting, but there seems to be a lot of lifting and hauling and moving and pushing and pulling after the fact. Not to mention the fact that I went from very flat apartment living to 2 big stair cases of townhouse living. With babies.

So my body is still sore, my brain is still cloudy, and while my muse is fighting to get these ideas out, communication is getting lost in the haze. I wrote 400 words of Chuck’s Flash Fiction last night, and I have ideas coming at me left and right. I can only pray on the time and energy to get them down on digital paper.

So let’s go to the board:

1) I’m so pumped about Chuck’s Flash Fiction challenge this week. We’ve got to create our own “punk” genre and the muse threw something cool at me: Blacksploitation Samurai-Punk. Oh yeah. Get pumped. It’s going to be a great week.

and I’m still pumped. The 400 words that I have are pretty solid and I’m excited about getting on to this fight. I’m a little worried–this will be the first fight that I’ve ever written. Hope I create something good with the opportunity!

2) I’m going to, for the love of God, edit this prequel for Before Her Time. I’m excited to finish and put it back out there.

I think I’m going to edit it but not post it to my writer’s group. There were two members who read it and commented, and I’ll give them the opportunity to read it again if they’d like…but It has ballooned to almost 6,000 words and that’s a lot to ask strangers to read. We’ll see.

3) I have notes in my notebook for a start of the reboot for the original Before Her Time. What I have (5 handwritten pages) is pretty good. I’m going to digitize and continue. I’d like to post that by the end of the week.

I might have this written, but it would be too choppy to post. And again, I don’t know how I feel about posting super long pieces…we’ll see.


Writer Wednesday: Optimism is fading…


I can tell you right now that I’m not going to be meeting my goals this week. My mind is pretty crippled creatively–there are too many things to handle on the home front. I have my notebooks with me and I am certainly writing ideas when they come, but it is hard to ask the muse for output when there are boxes to be packed.

So let’s see if there is anything that can be done:


1) Accountability, the prequel for Before Her Time, was well received and torn to pieces by my writing group. I have a lot of work to do this week, and that will be my first priority.

I’d like to be able to have this rework done by Friday. That is my only goal for the week.

2) If I can, I’d like to rewrite and expand Before Her Time, and have that ready for posting to the group by Friday.

Striking through and postponing until after our move.

3) Chuck’s weekly challenge involves the plot generator this week. I’ve hit that button about 100 times in the course of 3 days, and I encountered about 3 viable ideas. I’m going to try to find a prompt, but if something doesn’t pop and speak to me by tomorrow morning  his might be a wash.

Striking through because the plot generator gave me nothing interesting.


I’m solely looking to finish this rework this week. Optimism even on this is fading, but I’m committing to getting something done this week. We’ll see if we can get something done…

Writer Wednesday: Tripped Over that First Hurdle


Ohhhhmygoodness it’s Wednesday. Already. How the hell did that happen. I swear, I have been writing, but clearly I’m not accomplished! Too much left to do this week!!! Roar! Let’s go to the boards:


1) I freaking must finish the prequel for Before Her TIme. I am 2,000 words into this thing, and it shows no signs of stopping. I think that I’m allllmoooosssstttt there, but I think that I have another 2,000 words more before this story is complete. Excerpt by Friday. EXCERPT BY FRIDAY!!!! (roar!)

Can I tell you, I’ve written somewhere in the ballpark of 5,000 words for this short story. Unfortunately, I’ve deleted about 3,000 words of work between Monday and now. I kept writing things, losing steam, staring at my computer, feeling stuck, and then deciding to go in a completely different direction. I did this a good 4 times, writing an average of 800 words before deciding that I went down the wrong path. I think I found the right direction, but I’m at 2079 words despite all the work I’ve done!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!! This story will be finished. By Friday. Come hell or high water!

2) Flash Fiction for Chuck this week? Let’s pick a line right now… Here we go: “That plan didn’t fly, superhero, and now we’re short a bazooka.” I liked this line the first time I read it and it has been with me all weekend. I envision a wedding. Let’s see.

*sigh* What the hell, man… I have a good idea for this one…but I am not going to do it unless I finish this short story. The goal is to get to this tomorrow night…

3) Write out 1000 words of a YA concept that I have. I’m going to guard this one close to the vest because I think that the idea is interesting and viable. I might share this with my writing group before I put it on this blog. Well… maybe I’ll share a little bit. We’ll see. :)


Yeah…studies show this isn’t going to happen given the pace of what I’ve accomplished so far this week.

4) Start the rewrite for Before Her Time. Notice I said “start.” Very ambiguous! Let’s see if we can make that a 100 word minimum, just so I don’t get cute and write only one sentence.

augh!!! So much bitten off this week. There is, like, NO FREAKING WAY this is going to happen!!!


Ohhhhhhhhh the pain! The agony of faaaailllllluuuurreeeeeee!!!!

SOMETHING is going to get done this week!

I’m done whining. Time to go write!

Writer Wednesday: Productive, but More is Required!


Oh my, is it Wednesday already? I’m feeling like I’ve done a lot, but not enough! Did I bite off more than I could chew this week? Let’s see…


1) Work on an idea for a new character/story, that connects two interesting ideas that came to me this weekend.

So I’m about 1,000 words into this. It’s a prequel for Before her Time, which is going to turn into a little series (or something even larger…we’ll see). I need to pick up the pace if I want to get this done, though!

2) Rewrite Before Her Time completely and submit that for critique also.

I don’t know if this is going to happen. At my current pace, I’ll be lucky if I’m done with the prequel by Friday…

3) Return to my novel project, and create one complete area of world building–focus on Religion and Culture this week.

*sigh* Short story writing is really killing my novel writing… I’m gonna mark this in the epic fail column right now.

4) Enter Chuck’s sentence contest this week with the goal of winning.

Done! 🙂 Wish me luck!

Writer Wednesday: What a Long Week…


What an emotional and incredible week–I’ve been allllll caught up in Supreme Court stuff this week. I have done some writing, but most of my time has been dedicated to news. Thanks to Jeff Kent’s suggestion, I also researched Amazon KDP for publishing some of my short stories. I’m exploring this, but I’m still unsure. Is it worth the cost of cover art and what not? What’s up with the 30% vs. 70%? And yeah, I mean, is my writing good enough for that? I just don’t know…

Let’s go to the board.

1) 5 posts this week. Yup, we’re gonna do it. 

This is post 3 of the week. Looking forward to popping another out tomorrow!

2) Complete the short story that I started last week, The Hand that Feeds You, and post it for critique. 

Working on this tonight. Going back from scratch, but not in a bad way. I know exactly what direction that I want it to go in. Looking forward to my writing community tearing it apart on Friday.

3) Write this week’s flash fiction for Chuck’s challenge. I rolled a good one! Superhero plus Occult Detective, must have forbidden love and a pool of blood. Ohhhhh yeaaaah. It’s gonna be awesome. 

Will probably spend most of my time writing this on Thursday. I have an idea rattling in my head. I think that it’s going to be awesome if I can pull it off.

4) Rework the short story that I wrote for my writing community this weekend. It kind of went out of control, but I like the concept: Michael and Gabriel go all cowboy style in the wild west looking for Lucifer. I know, I know, I know, it doesn’t sound awesome, but like, there is something about it that has the potential to be awesome, so I’m working on it. Don’t judge me! 

I haven’t received any feedback on what I originally posted (probably not a good sign). Will table this to Saturday.

5) Come up with a new schedule for work on my novel, A Terrible Thing to Waste, because my current timeline is broken (which totally sucks). Post for accountability. 

*sigh* I feel this beautiful story slipping away from me. I haven’t even thought about it. Writing a novel is important to me. I want to do it, I need to do it, and this story means a lot to me. I will make this a priority this weekend.


My goodness. I turned to my husband this morning and lamented that it’s only Wednesday. Time seems to be moving so damned slowly. But if that’s the case, I should have way more to show for my week. Time to get it into gear!!

Writer Wednesday: Rough First Half

Nooo, it’s Wednesday already!?!?! What the Hell happened??? I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything this week!

Let’s go to the board:

1) At least 4 posts this week.

This is 2 out of 4. I’ve got time!

2) Continue World Building, producing some material that will be good enough to use for plotting.

I haven’t even opened Scrivener this week. Lordy, I’m behind.

3) Develop one of the two short stories that I found inspiration for over the weekend.

I haven’t written a word of fiction this entire week. Blog posts? Yes. Critiques? Yes. Replies to comments? Yes, even! But fiction?? NO. Big fat no.

4) Work on a Flash Fiction, but not the one that Chuck posted. Work on another one.

Roar. See item 3.

5) Finish personal market spreadsheet, pick a few magazines, send off my two lit fic short stories.

Spreadsheet is open, but I haven’t added to it.


Basically, I’ve done nothing this week. Wooooowww….

But here is the good news. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. As a football fan, I’m all about that miracle in the 4th quarter. This little report card is a great kick in the rear. Gonna get to work!

Hope you are having a more productive week than I am!

Writer Wednesday: Short Weeks, Extra Work


How are you doing, writing world? I feel like my fingers have been flying all day every day this week! What’s up with that!?!?!

Let’s see what I’ve accomplished for all of this typing:

1) More posting, more plugs: I’m going to write 5 posts this week and I’m going to link to at least 3 other writing blogs that I enjoy. More shout outs means a better writing community for us all.

This is post 3 of five this week! And you should totally check out the guest post that I wrote for my good friend over at Notebook Blogairy! (See what I did there?)

2)  Finish my Friday Flash Fiction (I’m 800 words in) and have it posted.

Oh yes! Finished this and got some pretty good reviews on it! Will post in a moment!

3) Work on world building this week for the novel, A Terrible Thing To Waste.

This is my primary task this evening…especially because I’ve come to a bit of a world building conundrum…and a plot problem simultaneously. Much pondering must occur.

4) Look for a market for Missed Opportunity, which is now finished. (Maybe use Duotrope? Is that a good thing to use?)

I have not done this, mostly because I haven’t decided if it’s a good idea. In other words, I’m a bit chicken shit. Gonna force myself to do this.

5) Critique at least 2 other works by other people in my writing community

Working on this. Nobody has posted anything recently…so I might not be able to do this one…

6) Begin work on a new short story. Short stories on Saturdays haven’t been working, so we need a new day. Find inspiration, find a day, and get writing.

Inspiration hasn’t really struck me yet. My head is swimming with many, many other tasks. Hopefully, while I’m twisting my hair, lightening will somehow strike.


Not a whole lot is crossed out yet, but the progress bar is slowly moving toward the right on every one of these tasks! We’re gonna have a successful week. I can just feel it!


How are ya’ll doing, writing friends? Share your progress!