Optimism Monday: Moving Two Toddlers….and Writing?


What a weekend! I got a total of 6 hours of sleep while I did a crazy 24 hours of traveling to Maryland. I am filled with joy after attending the wedding of my uncle and his partner!! I also had the opportunity to send off my little sister to Texas, which was wonderful.

But now here I am 5 days away from my move to a larger place in another suburb of Boston. Not only that, but my husband and I are putting in a bid on a house this week. A bid on a house!!


So, you know, who would have reasonable expectations of writing this week???

The good news is that there is still nap time and bedtime, which are great for writing. So I’m going to reserve Tuesday and Thursday for purely fiction writing during nap time (that means another week of only 3 posts from me). I’m also going to only focus on Accountability, which I’m still editing and Before Her Time, which I’m rewriting. The goal is to have Accountability completely edited and reposted by Friday. That’s my only writing goal this week.

Seeing as it has seemed to only grow larger rather than smaller, I don’t know how much feedback I’m going to get for it. Hopefully something.

I’m looking for another community that gives more feedback. I’m considering joining Lit Reactor…has anyone used it? Do any of you like it? Is it worth the money to join the critique section?

Optimism Monday: Another week of writing, another week to be grateful…


I write with the reflection and understanding that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this beautiful day and the freedom to write the words that I want to if not for the many men and women who willingly choose to stand guard in hostile places so that we may all be free. I write in gratitude this week, for the men and women who devote their lives to this wonderful country, and to their incredible families who wait for their return. Words cannot fully express my gratitude to you, but the least I can do is say Thank You.

So Thank You.

Here is my writer’s task list for the week. We had success last week, so let’s do it again!


1. 3 Blog posts plus a bonus. We’ll slowly build to five posts a week.

2. Put up Missed Opportunity for critique and integrate critique into a true final.

3. Write a Flash Fiction for this week’s challenge, which has to do with psychics and what not. I chose Divination… I’m not going to lie, I’m not wholly excited about this challenge (paranormal doesn’t turn me on as a reader, so it isn’t singing to me as a writer.) We’re gonna challenge ourselves and make it work! (And my offer still stands. I’ll link to yours if you link to mine!)

4. Dedicate this week to Junia and Tinsley, the last two characters of my novel to work on. I’m excited to be finishing this phase of character building. Gotta try to stay on schedule so that I can start writing on August 1st. It’s so close and yet so far and there is must more to do!


It’s a “short” week, but I feel like the weeks are never short for writers. There is too much to do! Let’s try to complete our task lists together. What are you working on?